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Inside Football is a publication that has been accredited by the New York Football Giants since its founding more than 35 years ago. Like the daily newspapers and television stations, we are afforded the same access privileges to attend games and practices.

We are also granted access to speak to the players, coaches and front office personnel and have built up working relationships with league personnel, certified contract advisers and others associated with the game.

Inside Football is a straight-forward, no-frills newsletter publication available in traditional format (hard copy) and digitally through an on-demand delivery system customized to each subscriber.

Oten imitated but yet to be duplicated, our flagship weekly coverage of every game (pre-, regular- and postseason) drills down to the Xs and Os.

We offer comprehensive analysis and informed opinions based on extensive film study and our conversations with those involved with the game.

Inside Football is for the serious Giants fan who wants something more than the same stories and quotes that dominate the mainstream media, who want firsthand reporting by experienced football writers who attempt to seek out the answers to burning questions.

It is for the passionate fan that wants insight into the technique behind each player’s performance, and who wants a better understanding of the strategy deployed by the coaching staff and is looking for a fair, balanced view point of how things really are.



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Michael Iannaconi
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