Eli Manning Practices for the Second Straight Day

Quarterback Eli Manning wasn’t supposed to be on the practice field this spring, not at least according to general manager Jerry Reese, who told reporters prior to the draft that it was doubtful that Manning, who had an ankle debridement would participate in spring ball.

Since then, Manning, who was initially given a six-week recovery time before he could run, has made impressive progress from his surgery, taking the field for a second straight day during the teams OTA practices after beginning to run and throw the ball before as early as a couple of weeks ago.

“He’s so far ahead,” head coach Tom Coughlin said of Manning’s recovery.

When asked if he plans on taking days off, Manning shook his head and said “No days off.”

The good news is that Manning has had no issues despite putting himself through nearly every snap these last two days.

“No discomfort, no issues,” he said, adding that he has been doing most things at practice, specifically running and roll outs.

He is going to continue to be smart about certain activities though and avoid too much jumping or pounding. “I’m not trying to overdo it,” Manning said.

Because the Giants are also in the process of installing a new offense under new offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo, it was very important to Manning to be out there practicing with the team.

He specifically noted the importance of calling plays in the huddle, being able to visualize the plays as well as figuring out how to adjust to not hearing the play simply by acknowledging the offense.

This attentiveness to details is very similar to Coughlin who tends to be known for his meticulousness. In a quieter way, Manning displays this same attention to detail.

“He studies everything,” Coughlin said of Manning. “He studies all the interceptions, everything he has to do with a game changer, he does that.”

Coughlin spoke about the faster tempo of the offense and said that he hopes this pace will only get faster in the future.

Manning views the new offense as a learning experience. He said that though there is different concepts and protection, “Everything makes sense.”

Coughlin and Manning acknowledged that the offense is at its early stages, but both said that it is heading in the right direction.

Manning is continuing to try and get comfortable with the new players and he understands that there is more to learn at the line of scrimmage than on the sideline.

When asked about the last two days, he said, “It’s not perfect. There are things that need to be improved but I thought that there’s been some good plays.”


* Coughlin praised backup quarterback Ryna Nassib, who’s trying to win the no. 2 job. “He’s worked very hard. He can direct traffic out there.”

*  Running back Andre Williams and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. missed Thursday’s practice in order to attend the NFL Rookie Premiere.

* Safety Stevie Brown, who is recovering from ACL surgery, went through the practice. He said he had a good winter with his recovery and is running well.

* Running back David Wilson continues to participate in the non-contact drills. Wilson said he’s been pain-free since his ordeal with a herniated disc in his neck started last season. Wilson will undergo a MRI to gauge his recovery on June 4.

* Offensive lineman John Jerry will not participate int he spring activities after having his knee scoped.

*The Giants waived/injured offensive lineman Stephen Goodin (foot) and were awarded receiver Corey Washington off waivers from Arizona.

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