Four Downs with Wide Receiver Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz, the fifth-year wide receiver for the New York Giants, talked about his adjustment to Ben McAdoo’s offense and where he sees himself fitting into the new system.

Q: Is the new offense as difficult as some people are saying, as far as new language and picking things up and not going as fast as you would like to go?

A: It’s a little difficult, solely in terms of learning the new terminology like you said and learning it on the fly and doing it on the field as you hear it. That’s the toughest part, hearing the play, processing it, and being able to run it at a quick pace. But other than that, it’s a challenge for me and I know it’s a challenge for the receiving core to continue to go out there and get these plays down and try to be the best players we can be while learning a new offense and while competing at a high level.

Q: How comfortable do you feel in the new system so far?
A: On a scale of one to 10, I am probably around an eight. I feel good about the offense right now, I feel good about how I feel, the stuff from mini-camp has carried over, and I took a look at terminology in the month I was off so I feel good.

Q: Can it help you to get the ball in your hands more quickly? That’s what this new offense is about, right?
A: I would love that. Any receiver would love to get their hands on the ball as soon as possible so they can see defenders coming and make them miss, especially a guy like myself that loves to do things like that. If I can catch the ball earlier with some space, that’s definitely a positive so I am looking forward to it.

Q: I think you consider yourself better when the ball is in your hands, right?

A: Absolutely. I like to have the ball in my hands whether it be a three yard route or a 30 yard route. I want the ball in my hands so I can make big time moves and get in that end zone which is one of the things that I feel like I do best.

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