Giant Concern Exists for Running Back David Wilson

The New York Giants have long had a reputation for putting the well-being of their players above anything else.

So when running back David Wilson, who was cleared for full contact drills six months after undergoing a spinal fusion procedure suffered a burner when he collided with offensive lineman Eric Herman in a drill, it was no surprise that the team immediately sent him for a battery of tests to determine if the burner had any effect on his surgically repaired neck.

Wilson will meet on Monday with Dr. Frank Camissa, the surgeon who performed the spinal fusion surgery on his neck. In the mean time, he will be held out of the restof practices this week.

The third-year running back, in comments released via his Twitter and Instagram accounts, has been upbeat, thanking people for their support and well wishes, and insisting that he’s fine.

“Left practice early (Tuesday)  but everything turned out to be fine once the Dr. Looked @ me plus I passed all physical examination. I find out more on Monday


However, it would not be surprising if there was reluctance by doctors to allow him to return out of concern that a reoccurrence–perhaps one that might be even more serious the next time around–might be in his future.

While his teammates who came out to speak to the media didn’t know the specifics of Wilson’s situation, there was, but they pledged their support for their teammate and friend.

“I’m not sure of all the reports that came out,” said running back Rashad Jennings, who regardless of Wilson’s status, is projected to be the starting running back this year. “It was good to see him back in the meeting room bright-eyed, ready to work and ready to go.”

Jennings spoke about the special bond that exists among the teammates, especially in the running back room, where the players all participate in a texting group sharing ideas, jokes and, of course, talking football.

“As soon as I saw him walk off the field, I started to hurt,” he said. “We play this game, and we’re a family. We all want to see everyone be success and we all want to win together. It takes more than one person, and he’s a big part of this team so we want him back.

“But it also hurts seeing someone who works so hard grinding behind the scenes when the media isn’t around, when people aren’t around working so hard to get back on the field. It’s frustrating as a brother a friend and teammate so we know he’ll do everything he can to get back and we’ll be here to support him.”

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