Giants Sideline David Wilson for Remainder of the Week, Hall of Fame Game Over Neck Concerns

A day after suffering what head coach tom Coughlin described as a burner, running back David Wilson’s tests have led doctors to shut him down for the rest of this week,while they await the results of Wilson’s upcoming visit with Dr. Frank Cammissa on Monday, Aug. 4.

Dr. Cammissa is the chief of spine services at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, and this the surgeon who performed the spinal fusion procedure on Wilson’s neck on January 16.

Wilson was injured in yesterday’s practice, which was not conducted in full pads, when he took a shovel pass from quarterback Curtis Painter and then, running with his head down, ran into the back of offensive lineman Eric Herman.

Wilson was then seen walking off the field, head down, accompanied by Giants Vice President of Medical Services Ronnie Barnes for further evaluation.

The Giants wasted no time in sending Wilson to the hospital for a complete battery of tests, the results of which are likely to be reviewed by Dr. Cammissa during his consultation with Wilson on Monday.

Wilson has not played in a football game since Week 5 of last season, when he initially suffered a burner against the Eagles.

He was placed on season-ending injured reserve after being diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is generally defined as “a narrowing of the open spaces within (the) spine, which can put pressure on (the) spinal cord and the nerves that travel through the spine.”

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