He’s Back! Fullback John Conner Returns to New York

He said he’d be back, and sure enough, he is.  

The “he” is “The Terminator,” which happens to be the moniker of new Giants fullback John Conner, the ex-Jet and Bengal who the team signed today after placing fullback Henry Hynoski on injured reserve with a shoulder injury.

“I’m just happy to get another opportunity to play,” said Conner, a fifth round draft pick of the Jets in 2010 who last year was with the Bengals for part of the season.

“It seems like I can’t stay away from New York, but it’s a new opportunity, a new chance so I’m looking forward to it.

Conner, who was with the Bengals in camp this summer, played well but was let go after the team decided to go with tight end Orson Charles as their lead blocker. The fourth-year fullback out of Kentucky then spent the first three weeks of the NFL season going on workouts and hoping to find a job in a league that has begun to phase out the fullback position.

“It was definitely a surprise for me too, but it was just a waiting game,” Conner said. “Teams had their rosters set, so it was sitting around and waiting to see what happens. Going pm different visits, going on different workouts and that was pretty much how it worked out.”

His travels took him to visits with the Titans and, most recently, the Bills, for whom he worked out on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, he was on a plane headed for New Jersey to work out for the Giants bright and early on Wednesday morning.

Within an hour after his workout for the Giants, Conner was a Giant, having signed a two-year contract, the first year of which is reportedly for the veteran minimum salary.

“He is a physical guy,” said head coach Tom Coughlin of the 5-11, 246-lb. Conner. “We think he’ll go up in the hole and clear the hole for the running back and we hope he’ll be a good pass protector and contribute on special teams as well.”

Although he is still finding his way around the Giants’ facility, Conner is aware of the problems the team has had with its running game, and he’s hoping that his physical style of play can contribute to the solution.

“That’s the way I like to play the game” he said of being physical. “I don’t play it any other way. My job is to come in here and open up some holes to help this running game out.”

Conner said he plans to throw himself head first into the playbook so that he can get up to speed quickly to contribute however the coaches need him.

“Things are kind of crazy right now, but I think after a couple of days I should be up to speed by studying and meeting with coaches afterwards,” he said.

Does he think he can help the Giants running game out?

“I’m definitely going to give it my best shot to help this run game out,” he said. “That’s what they brought me in for, so I’m going to do that to the best of my ability.”

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