Hynoski Takes First Steps Toward Comeback, but Won’t Rush Things

While fullback Henry Hynoski was always intent on coming off the physically unable to perform list by the end of the summer, the third-year fullback, who three months ago suffered  chip fracture of the lateral plateau and a MCL injury, will continue to be a model of patience as he slowly works himself back into football shape.

I’m very happy to be out here with my teammates and just get out here moving around and doing some things,” Said Hynoski, who didn’t take any practice reps in the team’s final practice prior to their preseason game against the Jets on Saturday.

“Obviously, we’re starting off slow just doing individuals for a little while and then building up from there on out.”

Hynoski has been a model patient in the team’s medical room given his hard work, which helped put him ahead of schedule in his rehab. In addition to aggressively attacking his rehab, the 24-year-old fullback made certain to take care of the rest of his body by eating the right foods and getting the proper amount of sleep.

 “I did everything to that point just to get back at the earliest possible date and now it’s paying off. I’m very excited to be in the position I am today,” he said.

Although he doesn’t play a glamorous position, Hynoski’s value to the offense cannot be denied, especially considering that the Giants offensive line has just been reconfigured due to injuries, an occurrence that could take a while to solidify.

“In our run game, he’s a lead blocker.  In pass protection, he does a good job picking up linebackers and blitzers,” Said quarterback Eli Manning. “He does a good job getting into his routes as well and catching the ball on the flat and giving us some plays.  He just has a good feel when to do the little things, when to chip as you’re getting out, and has a great understanding of the offense.”

Hynoski, who won’t play on Saturday against Jets,  said he doubted he’d see any preseason reps next week against the Patriot given the Giants short workweek, though he did leave the door slightly ajar.

A more realistic scenario for the former Pittsburgh star would be  Week 1 against Dallas, though if that doesn’t happen, he’d be fine with that.

“If it takes to Week 2 or 3, that’s fine,” he said. “We have a very smart medical staff and trainers and they’re going to put me in the right position when they know I’m physically fit to be out there and performing at the best that I can.”

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