Personnel Report for Friday, July 25, 2014

Following a cooler, low humidity practice, Coach Tom Coughlin told the media that it was a good day to be out on the field, especially with upper pads on for the first time.

“They were frisky,” Coughlin said of his players. “I thought the energy was good. They ran pretty well, which was a good thing. That was the intent.”

The execution however, was inconsistent.

“Sometimes it is there, sometimes it isn’t,” he said. “That’s just kind of the way it is. The defense makes a play, the offense makes a play. It kind of goes back and forth and that’s to be expected, really. Like you said over here, the defense normally at this point makes a few more plays.”

With a day off tomorrow, the Giants will return on Sunday in full pads for the first time.


Nothing New on Odell Beckham

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. did not practice today due to the injury to his hamstring that he tweaked during Tuesday’s practice. He was seen on the side catching passes and in the backfield working drills.

Coughlin provided no update on Beckham’s condition.

“You’ll know before I’ll know, probably,” he said. “He seems like he’s frisky enough out here. Today he was catching the ball from the machine and seemed to be moving around okay. So hopefully it’s not going to take too long.”


Beatty Making Progress in his Return

Tackle Will Beatty (leg) participated in the full practice again today.

“He’s got pads on and he’s working and anytime you play football with pads on, you’re going to get better,” offensive line coach Pat Flaherty said. “The things that we don’t want to do is have him regress with his rehab, but he’s handling both things pretty well. As a player, I think it’s expected of him to do that and he’s taken the bull by the horn.”

“He’s got away’s to go, but he’s progressing every day,” Flaherty concluded.

Coughlin agreed.

“I don’t see a lot of change. But he is out there and he’s doing more than he was originally supposed to do, so I think that’s a huge plus.”


Beason: “I would love to get into the preseason” 

Linebacker Jon Beason (foot), currently on PUP, spoke to the media today about both the importance of rehabbing as well as his desire to get back on the field.

“We say, ‘Hey, we’re going to start doing this at six weeks, getting a little more aggressive,’ he said. “I like to think I’m more of  a superhuman (and can) get back a little faster, but at the end of the day, that’s what the time-table calls for, so you try to do what’s right.”

Beason understood that though his situation is not ideal, it could be made worse by coming back too soon.

“Based on how I feel, the way things are going…you want to keep making baby steps,” he said.

“If you go too fast, you have a setback and then are pushing that time-table back from Sept. 8. Obviously I want to be smart about it, do what they tell me, but I would love to get into the preseason and get some reps.”

In terms of rehab, Beason has been running in a chin-deep pool on an underwater treadmill. He also visited the Quest Diagnostics training center during his month off in order to have more time to rehab and get stronger.


Other News

Wide receiver Mario Manningham (knee) played in the first part of practice but then went on the bike in the second half. Coughlin made no comment as to how Manningham was feeling or the status of his knee.

Running back David Wilson participated fully in today’s practice, his fourth day back since he was cleared to play. He did not look to have any apparent trouble with his neck.

Guard John Jerry (knee) also participated fully in practice today, though nothing more has been said about whether or not he will play in Canton on Aug. 3. against the Bills.

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