Tom Coughlin Offers Hints About New Giants Offense

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin might not agree with team CEO John Mara’s use of the word “broken” to describe the state of the team’s 2013 offense, but he obviously did agree that something had to be done to fix the NFL’s 28th ranked offense.

That’s why he’s looking forward to the offense’s transformation under new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, the former Green Bay assistant coach hired to replace the retired Kevin Gilbride.

“I like Ben because he did a superb job in terms of his preparation,” Coughlin said during his press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

“He’s very fundamentally sound. He had some very detailed video of the way he teaches. The way in which he presents, the way in which he teaches–he did an outstanding job with that, and (has) great knowledge of the system he believes in and knowledge of our team.”

So what exactly is the system McAdoo believes in so much that will be making its way to the MetLife Stadium field this coming fall?

Coughlin revealed that the still under construction offense will combine what the Giants have run in the past with McAdoo’s ideas.

“(McAdoo) does not describe himself as West Coast,” Coughlin said when asked about his new offensive coordinator’s philosophies. “He thinks more in terms of the ball going vertical or down the field if the opportunities present themselves.”

In addition to incorporating a vertical passing game, the Giants will carry over another long-time offensive staple.

“We will maintain a commitment to the run,” Coughlin said. “That will be a factor no matter what. That has been agreed upon by all.”

Coughlin, who said that he will leave the management of the offense and the play-calling up to McAdoo, also indicated that he’ll continue to be involved as the new system takes shape.

“It’s a very good exchange right now because we’re doing the best we can to meld a couple of systems,” he said.

When asked if the evolving offense will require a change in the type of players the Giants target in free agency and the draft, Coughlin shook his head.

“Not any new profile. The biggest, fastest, strongest that you can possibly find kind of thing,” he said.

“The philosophical way in which we chose–we’ve had some internal conversations about making sure that the characteristics, if you will, are consistent with what we’ve done over the years, but there won’t be any radical change with that.”

As the new offense continues to come together, Coughlin, who will soon sign a one-year contract extension, sounded energetic for what’s to come.

“What I like about it is that I have a chance to challenge myself with some new learning, which is good for me and for all of us who are a part of the offensive system,” he said.

“We’re very new into the development of where we’ll go and what our program will be, but it’s a good time, it’s an exciting time. I feel good about it.”

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