Victor Cruz Improving; Eyes Opening Day Return

Wide receiver Victor Cruz wants everyone to know that the bruised heel he suffered two weeks ago against the Colts is feeling better and that brighter days are definitely ahead.

“I’m feeling good,” said Cruz, who confirmed that he came out of his walking boot yesterday, adding that he still has a little swelling in his heel in the morning when he first puts his foot down on the floor.

“Once I get it going, it seems to loosen up a bit and feels better,” he added.

Cruz has been on a fast-track rehab program that has consisted of what he described as “the works,” specifically the bike, hot tub, cold tub, and massage.

The most unusual part of his treatment? “I’m picking up marbles with my feet,” Cruz said with a laugh, adding “All of its been beneficial which is why I’m here in front of you guys without the boot.”

In addition to losing the boot, Cruz reported that the swelling has greatly subsided and that he’s “looking forward to better days.”

One of those days Cruz is no doubt looking forward to is Sept. 8, when the Giants travel to Dallas to open the 2013 season against the Cowboys.

“That’s the date I’m targeting,” he said. “I’m going to work diligently this week while the team is away (at New England) and focus on getting myself right and getting to practice next week.”

He also hopes to be able to practice on a limited basis next week when the team begins preparing for its game against the Cowboys.

“I think that’s definitely a target date for me. I think I want to come out and get some practice in as well once the doctors and trainers let me do so.”

Cruz said there was never any doubt in his mind that he would overcome what he described as “a small bump in the road” in what’s been a spring and summer of limited on-field opportunities thanks to the injury and, before that, his contract situation in which he stayed away from the Giants the entire spring.

But with the contract settled and the heel injury now seemingly under control, all hurdles seem to be gone from Cruz’s path toward seeking his third straight season with 1,000-plus receiving yards.

“I just needed some time off the foot to get things going,” he said. “Dallas is definitely a target date for me and that I had to be ready by then. Now that the boot’s off and I started feeling good, I still have some time to recuperate.”

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