Ask the Offcial: January 22, 2014

Editor’s Note: Note: Apologies this is after the fact … the Ref’s response ws routed properly to the correct email box.

The Seahawks seem to be taking advantage of the league’s need to keep the games moving for tv viewers. It seems that they are holding or contacting WR’s down the field knowing that the officials will not call repeated fouls and thus, slow the game down.

This game with the 49ers will be funny watching the Seahawks repeatedly foul the Niner receivers and Harbaugh going crazy on the sidelines ( possibly on the field)because the officials won’t repeatedly penalize the Seahawks. – Bob G.

Although not a question, the officials typically allow the players to play more in the play-offs than during the regular season. As such, I would imagine that there might be a lot of contact allowed during the downfield play in both of the games this Sunday. However, I am sure that anything that is blatant will be called.

As for Coach Harbaugh getting excited on the sideline, he does this every week. There is much that can be said regarding his sideline demeanor but I choose not to go into details.      

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