Ask the Official: Giants at Patriots

by the Ref

Some quick observations on the officiating of last night’s game by Walt Anderson’s crew. The DPI on Prince Amukamara was an easy call as he arrived early and hit the receiver before the ball arrived.

The DPI on Corey Webster was a bit more difficult as the view provided by NFL Network did not show where Webster had his offside arm. However, he appeared to make contact a split second early in any event.

The overturn of Amukamara interception was a tough call, but I believe it was a correct one. From every view shown by NFL Network, it appeared that his hand hit the white before he got any other part of his body down.

One of the false start calls against the Giants should have been encroachment against the Patriots, as in my view, the entry of the Patriots player into the neutral zone caused the Giants lineman to react. However, the reaction must be “immediate” and the officials probably felt that there was too much delay before the Giants moved. Personally, I disagree.

Despite Mike Mayock’s comment that a receiver must be stationary on a pick play (he subsequently modified his comment somewhat), there is no such indication in the rule book.

The officials are looking to see if the receiver goes out of his way to interfere or makes an obvious blocking effort before calling OPI.  They called it on the Patriots one time and not another. In both instances, not enough was shown on TV to make a judgment.

Finally, there have been comments made regarding whether certain on-field calls are “reviewed” by the officiating crew. Every TD and turnover is reviewed by the Replay official upstairs and he will only notify  the on-field officials to take a further look if he believes that there might be an error.

As result, it is improper to say that certain calls were not reviewed.  In the case of the Amukamara interception (where the Replay official notified Anderson to take another look), if either coach had thrown a challenge flag, they would have been penalized for Unsportsmanlike Conduct as all such calls are (and were) reviewed in the appropriate manner.

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