Ask the Official: Nov. 24, 2013

My previous question to you was improperly worded; I referenced the end of the Pats/Panthers game.

I’m sorry. My question was meant to be more more general. If defensive holding is called in the defensive team’s end zone, is it just a 5 yard penalty from whereever the offensive team is OR is it placed on the degfensive teams’s one yard line?  — Jim V.

The only defensive foul that automatically moves the ball to the one yard line is Defensive Pass Interference. Defensive Holding in the end zone would be treated the same as defensive holding anywhere on the field (i.e., 5 yards from the previous spot, automatic fist down).

It should be remembered that defensive holding against an eligible receiver can only occur prior to the ball leaving the passer’s hand. After that, it should/must be called DPI. As a result, in the Patriots-Panthers game, it appears that only DPI could have been called.

Thanks for the comment on BBH regarding my write-up on the play. I have received confirmation from a number of NFL contacts that my assessment that the contact (and restriction) by the Panthers LB occurred prior to the pass being intercepted and the DPI call was correct.     

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