Blog Bits: Offensive Lineman Geoff Schwartz, Part 2

Here is the final installment of our two-part Blog Bit with Geoff Schwartz. For this particular blog bit, we changed things up a bit to explore the lighter side of the very affable Schwartz.

Special thanks to Inside Football intern Emily Iannaconi for input on this Q&A.

Q: Ok, let’s have a little fun with some “getting to know you” questions. Let’s start with your favorite Twitter hash tag.
A: #LasttimeUWBeatUO (Last time University of Washington Beat University of Oregon). Washington hasn’t beaten Oregon in 10 years, so when they play each other, all week long I just tweet stuff with that hash tag. It’s awesome because Washington is arrogant. The last time they beat Oregon, by the way was in 2003. (Editor’s note: Schwartz is an Oregon alumnus.)

Q. What’s been the best part so far about being a New York Giant?
A. I think just the respect you get being on the team. People know who the Giants are and they respect you.

Q: Fill in the blank: If I couldn’t be an NFL Player, I’d be a ?

A: A (baseball) pitcher, for sure.

Q: Really? That’s surprising. I thought you might say a chef.
A: No, a chef—you have to sweat and you’re hot. I like cooking on my own. It’s fun to do.

Q: Are you planning to cook something for your linemates?
A: I will.

Q: What meal are you going to make for them?
A: I’d make ribs.

Q: Which offensive lineman is the scariest?
A: I think (former offensive lineman) Steven Baker.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
A: My high school football coach always told us that the people that stand out in football are the ones that can rise through adversity. Not everything’s going to go right every time you go out on the football fields, so who can rise above it when things go wrong, and find a way to do well.

Q: You’re not an old man age-wise, but in football years, you’re getting up there. Do the younger guys still teat you with the respect you deserve?
A: (Eric Herman, whose locker is nearby, lets out a playful chuckle.) Yeah, they’ve been great so far. I just try to provide an example. I’m not a big vocal guy. I’m just “Do your job every day and you’ll get respect.”


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