Report: Giants Safety Will Hill Facing Another Suspension

According to a report by Fox Sports 1, New York Giants safety Will Hill, the extremely talented safety whose professional career has been marred by two league-imposed suspensions related to violations of the NFL policies on performance enhancement and illegal substances, is facing another league-imposed suspension.

It’s not known what exactly Hill tested positively for, but whatever it was, this would be the third time in as many years that Hill, a New Jersey native, is facing a potential suspension.

In 2012, Hill missed the first four games of the season after testing positive for what was later revealed to be Adderall. Last summer, he was again suspended after testing positive for marijuana, which he admitted to using to help him cope with some pressures he faced.

Regardless of the circumstances, Hill, who was also arrested last December on a warrant related to being behind on child support payments, could be facing a much longer suspension if his planned appeal for this latest mis-step is rejected by the league.

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