Giants Wrap Up Mandatory Minicamp

Maybe it was a reward for a job well done, or maybe the weather—a steady rain began to fall just as the team was about to start practice. Whatever the reason, the Giants wrapped up their three-day mandatory minicamp after just a brief stretching session on the field.

Well, not quite, according to head coach Tom Coughlin.

“We had a nice jog-through. You guys (the media) were in there having donuts or something,” he said. “We were out here running up and down the field.”

The team will now be off until July 21, when they must report to the Quest Diagnostics Training Center for the start of training camp.

Overall,  Coughlin described the camp as  a positive experience in which the team managed to accomplish a great deal.

“We had a lot of goals, a lot of things that were objectives in this camp: the integration of the new people, whether it be draft choices or free agents that we brought in,” he said. “I thought the veterans did a nice job of integrating everyone, and so I think we made some progress there.”

“And then the offense and the offensive terminology and that type of stuff,” he added. “We’ve worked hard at that. We’ve made progress, but we’re not there.”

With the players on break for four weeks, Coughlin said that the players can take their personal notebooks with them to study.

The facility will also remain open to those players who choose to remain in the area, including those  who are rehabbing from injuries, such as linebacker Jon Beason (foot) and receiver Mario Manningham (knee).

Other players who are rehabbing and who choose to get away from the area will be set up with facilities where they can continue their work

Before the players broke for the summer—and many of them darted out of the building just as soon as they were showered and dressed—Coughlin left his team with some important messages.

“The obvious thing is we have one month; it’s not like we have a six-week break. Based on the extra preseason game, the responsibility of the players to each other: Be in great shape, be able to change direction, let’s not have any of those soft tissue deals where a guy can’t practice,” he said.

“Our numbers are our numbers and are not going to change a lot. You’d like to think you come in with three teams so you can do a good job with distribution of plays, particularly early on.”


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