Blue Notes: Snee Elbow Setback, Beckham Still Limited, Clarity on the Fullback’s Role and Other Notes from Day 1 of Minicamp

Snee Sidelined. Guard Chris Snee will not work this week due to some discomfort that’s developed in his surgically repaired right elbow. Head coach Tom Coughlin said that there’s no reason to rush Snee back onto the field, “he’s played enough. Let’s get him to where he was.”

Snee, who said that his reduction in snaps has been planned in advance, remains optimistic about being able to play this season, most likely his last in the NFL.

“You saw what the (NBA champion San Antonio) Spurs did, right?” he said when asked out his lack of practice reps. “They rested some older guys.”

The extra rest, by the way, has done nothing to deter Snee’s optimism about being ready for training camp when the team reports on July 21.

“I’m moving well and feeling good. When the team periods come around, I go over and help the younger guys and also get reps for myself.”

Snee, who last year had surgeries on both hips and his elbow, said that his elbow procedure was “more intense” than he expected it to be.

“The rehab has been longer and that is why there has been this approach. My lower body feels great. I don’t know if you were watching me run out there but I’ve been moving pretty good.”


Beckham Still Waiting. Receiver Odell Beckham, who’s been nursing a hamstring strain, continues to be limited to individual drills.

Last week he had expressed hope to be able to participate in the full minicamp, but the trainers continue to hold him out. “He was able to go, but whether he could hit that top speed was another question, so why take that chance right now?” Coughlin said.


Decoding the fullback role. One of the most intriguing battles on the upcoming training camp card has been the competition at fullback which will pit Henry Hynoski against John Conner this summer.

This battle has also been one of the most difficult ones to handicap, largely because it’s not really known what new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo expected from the fullback position.

Until now.

It looks like the fullback’s been used in a lot of the single back sets, replaced by a tight end in multiple back formations. So far, that’s meant a reduciton in the fullback’s snaps.

“Last year there were more reps, definitely a lot more two-back sets,” Conner said. ” This year it’s a lot more single back. Right now we’re trying to see what we have and see how we’re going to attack defenses.”


Backs Moving Forward. Back in late February, new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo said that any running back on his team would have to be able to protect the quarterback on passing downs if they hoped to get on the field.

So far, so good in that regard, according to the man they’ll be tasked with protecting, quarterback Eli Manning.

“Yeah, I think the running backs have done a good job. They had a couple nice blitz pickups today and those guys, changing the protections, and those guys understanding and picking up protections, hit them on a couple routes and get them in the open space and make some plays so I think they’re doing a good job of understanding this offense and their routes and protections,” he said.


Defense Earns Praise. Flipping to the defense, Manning said he’s liked what he’s see from the unit.

“They’re moving around fast, they’re playing quick. Guys know what they’re doing, they’re showing a number of different looks for us, which is I think good as an offense to go against some different looks, different personnel, different alignments and different defensive fronts,” he said.

“We’re kind of getting everything thrown at us and maybe make some calls on the run that maybe we haven’t gone over yet and then correcting them in the film room and seeing how we want to do it in the future, how we want to protect things or run things so I think they’re looking good and we’re having some good practices. It’s back and forth.”


Beatty Making Progress. Left tackle Will Beatty confirmed that he expects to be ready for training camp. However, what he wasn’t able to confirm is if he’d be ready for the first practice, scheduled for July 22.

“(The trainers) are not saying what day of camp,” Beatty said when asked about his time frame. However, he did say that he hopes to see some action in at least one preseason game.

Charles Brown has been mostly filling in for Beatty at left tackle. John Jerry, the other candidate capable of playing the position, has been sidelined this spring while recovering from knee surgery.


Giant Hope for a Win, Rolle’s the Good Guy, Injury Update and Other Notes from Thursday’s Locker Room

It’s been no secret that the Giants have struggled – badly at that—in the second half of this, their defense of their Super Bowl championship.

Despite being on the brink of elimination from the post season, add running back Ahmad Bradshaw and defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka to the list of players who think that the Giants will finish the year with a win on Sunday against the Eagles.  Continue reading Giant Hope for a Win, Rolle’s the Good Guy, Injury Update and Other Notes from Thursday’s Locker Room

Chicago 20 – Giants 17: Notebook

Kiwi Not Concerned. LB Mathias Kiwanuka said he’s not worried that the groin injury he suffered will be a long, drawn-out affair.

“I had a little groin issue there, but we’ll get some studies or whatever done on it.  I don’t think it’s going to be serious. I was on the ground, and somebody fell on top of me.  Legs aren’t made to go that way, so it was a ‘side swipe’ or whatever you want to call it.”

Kiwanuka did mention that he thought he would miss some practice time – the Giants return to practice on Sunday. But he was not concerned about the injury lingering much beyond that for when the Giants have to begin their preparation for the season opener on Sept. 5 against Dallas.

“Unfortunately I’ve been in this situation with the same injury before, and I’ll be back before the first week.”

 Wilson’s Growing Pains. Overall rookie David Wilson had a solid night which encouraged his quarterback, Eli Manning. “You see the potential. You see the play making ability. A couple of the big runs, he ran hard, and got outside, got a good chunk. He had the short pass thrown to him and he got down the sideline for a big gain. So, those are the things you’re looking for.”

But Wilson’s night did have one gaffe that Manning was able to recall. “He had a catch on the second play of the game (where) he went the wrong way. So, there’s some good and bad, but you have to go with that. Regardless, Manning said he liked what he saw and was confidence that Wilson would continue to grow. “It’s still a process of just continuing to learn the ins and outs of the offense. He’s a young guy, we’ll go slowly with him, put him in certain situations, and see if he can do some good things for us.”

Speaking of Wilson… A question came about why the rookie didn’t get many opportunities to pass block this week. “With the Bears, you didn’t get many blitzes, so against the Jets I did pretty well, but with the Bears’ defense, they don’t blitz much and they’re not tricky–it’s basic defense and they’re good at what they do. So, it wasn’t really a test. I didn’t think I had a blitzing linebacker the whole time I was in.”

Rivers Looking to Improve. By all accounts, LB Keith Rivers has played well this preseason in place of the injured Michael Boley. But Rivers still thinks he has a ways to go before he becomes the player he’s capable of being.

“There’s a lot — I’m just scratching the surface. There’s a long ways to go,” he said of what he has yet to show. “I like to under promise and over produce. I’m definitely getting there and I think I am well on pace to do that.”

So far though, Rivers has been pleased with his progress. “I think I came a pretty good distance from the first day of training camp,” he said. “I think I’ve taken big strides – just being able to get the reps and get the opportunities. Been working on getting better each day. Try not to keep making the same mistakes. I think it’s coming along and just got to continue to work.”

Tuck Pleased with the Defense. Add DE Justin Tuck to the list of people who was pleased with the showing by the first team defense.

“I think tonight was a good look for us — a great test against a very quality opponent. They have a lot of studs on offense and defense for that matter. I think we held up pretty well although I’d like to see us finish in the second half but I’m excited how we played in all three phases tonight.”

For Tuck, the regular season can’t get here fast enough. “I’m looking forward to shooting my gun with live bullets. This preseason has been good for us. A lot of times you look at the preseason and go ‘eh,’ but I think coming off the Super Bowl and with the new guys we have, it’s been a good mix of bad plays and learning from them and good plays and building our confidence.

“I’m happy where we are right now as a unit. Any plays you get at game speed are going to help you, especially going against quality teams we’re going against this year.”

Oh Captain, My Captain. LB Spencer Paysinger, who was named one of the team’s three game captains this week, said the honor came as a surprise.

“You never expect that to be called, especially a second year guy, but it was a blessing that it happened,” he said.

Paysinger earned the honor based on his play on special teams the previous week.

Notebook: Giants Kick Off Preparations for 2012

The Giants arrived en masse at the Timex Performance Center on Monday to find plush white robes emblazoned with the Super Bowl XLVI logo at teir lockers, a reminder that those two months and some change later, they are still the current Super Bowl champions.

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