Edwards Trade Rumors: Not So Fast

I’m sure many of you have seen the reports which are claiming that the Giants and Cleveland are drawing “close” on a deal for WR Braylon Edwards.

Well, as of earlier this evening, the two sides haven’t yet agreed on a framework for the deal . Further, according to 1050 ESPN radio, no further activity regarding any talks is expected until the draft draws closer, and that's if it happens at all.

Remember that for a deal to happen, two things need to take place. One would be the Browns’ asking price – believed to be a first and a third (the Giants, by contrast are said to not want to give up their first and instead are said to be offering one of their extra two and fifth from the Jeremy Shockey trade).

Second, Edwards would almost certainly have to agree to and sign a new contract extension so that a trade doesn’t amount to a temporary rental. All indications seem to be pointing to that being a snag in itself if Edwards’ desired annual salary demands are true. 

The bottom line is this one will go down to the wire, so sit tight and let's see how this unfolds.

Spags and Gilbride in Demand? Let the Rumors Begin!

Last year Giants fans were on pins and needles after the regular season ended as rumors began to swirl about other teams’ interests in defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and offensive coordiantor Kevin Gilbride.

Well, let the panic begin again as this week, teams will head coaching vacancies are allowed to interview playoff teams who have a bye week. And already there have been reports hitting the airwaves that Cleveland and possibly the New York Jets are interested in meeting with Spagnuolo while Oakland is reportedly interested in meeting with offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

Regarding Spagnuolo, my gut feeling is that the reported Cleveland interest is nothing more than exploratory since the Browns also fired a general manager and I doubt they’d hire a head coach before bringing a new general manager on board – especially if the rumors of New England’s Scott Pioli being a leading candidate for the GM role  come to fruition. 

At this point, the Jets might be the more likely scenario, though the ink is barely dry on their termination papers of former head coach Eric Mangini, who was dismissed this morning.

Regarding Gilbride, my guess is that Oakland, which has a lot of rebuilding to do in my opinion, might have more success bringing on board a young college assistant looking to get his feet wet.

Regardless of what happens this week, no announcements will be made until after the Giants conclude their post season run.

Commenting on the Gonzalez Trade Rumors

I’ve already received a couple of letters regarding the possibility of the Kansas City Chiefs trading TE Tony Gonzalez to the Giants, so of course I just had to look into it now that I’ve settled into my hotel room in Cleveland.

Here is what’s known so far about the reported pending trade talks. According to a report on KansasCity.com, Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports that the Giants are believed to be the most interested in acquiring Gonzalez’s services. However, as would be expected, the two sides are said to be “far apart” in terms of compensation. The Chiefs, who do not want to give away Gonzalez, are reportedly looking for a third-round pick. The Giants are said to have offered a sixth round pick as compensation.

Now before you go thinking that the trade has no chance of happening, ask yourself where you’ve heard this story before?

If you said April 2008, Giants, New Orleans. Jeremy Shockey, pat yourself on the back and toss an extra beer in the fridge for Monday's game. 

Just to rehash, the Giants were in a similar situation as the Chiefs in that they were looking to move their All Pro tight end for the right price. Their idea of the right price and New Orleans’ differed – the Giants were said to be looking for a first round draft pick as part of the compensation package whereas the Saints offered a second and fifth.

The deal didn’t get done in time for the draft,  but it also didn’t die either as three months later when the Giants realized that they could not longer peacefully co-exist with Shockey, the talks were rekindled and they ended up accepting the Saints’ original trade offer.

Now the show is on the other foot, so to speak. It’s the Giants who are doing the buying instead of the selling, but as far as I can see, the main differences are that they have some competition for Gonzalez according to the report (Green Bay, Philadelphia and Buffalo).

Will the trade happen? Personally, I will believe it when I see it. But remember this if nothing else. Although Gonzalez has not created quite the distraction that Shockey did with his temper tantrums, how can the Chiefs realistically keep a guy who is said to have openly admitted to not wanting to be a part of the organization any more? 

Stay tuned, kiddies. Things could get very interesting come Tuesday as if a trade is in the works involving Gonzalez, I would expect it will go down to the wire. 

* * *

Updating an earlier blog entry, Giants MLB Antonio Pierce (quad), who did not practice Thursday or Friday, worked on a limited basis today. Pierce remains listed as questionable for the game.

Cleveland downgraded two players to doubtful, DT Shaun Smith (hand) and OT Kevin Shaffer (concussion). Also, TE Kellen Winslow, who despite being listed as questionable for the game, remained hospitalized for a third day as he recovers from an undisclosed illness. My guess is none of those three players are going to suit up for Monday night.