Baas Placed on Season-ending Injured Reserve

Center David Baas today became the eight Giant and the sixth starter to have his season end prematurely due to an injury.

Baas, who returned to action after three weeks away with a neck ailment, re-injured his knee in Monday night’s win over the Vikings and was placed on season-ending injured reserve.

“It’s very frustrating, to say the least,” Baas said. “You work so hard. We said we can’t catch a break.”

The injury occurred on the final play of the Giants opening drive.

“The doctors showed me that a linebacker whipped into my leg or something like that,” Baas said. “I didn’t even know that it was almost a touchdown catch (by Hakeem Nicks). I had no idea, because I got hit and obviously went down to the ground and then got back up and limped off.

“You kind of know right away when you get that feeling. I was hoping it wasn’t anything worse, but it’s definitely bad enough to where it’s come to this.”

Baas, a nine-year veteran in his third season as a Giant, started all 16 games in 2012. This pas offseason, he underwent multiple surgeries to correct various medical issues.

After passing the training camp physical, Baas soon found himself back on the sideline when he first injured his MCL. That injury kept him out of action for the final two preseason games and the regular-season opener in Dallas. 

“This is similar (to the preseason injury),” said Baas, who will have the problem surgically-repaired. “It’s worse, though. I’m just thankful my ACL is intact because I would have been really ticked off. It’s tough. As corny as it sounds, you get knocked down, but you’ve got to get back up every time.”

The 32-year old Baas, who will be replaced in the starting lineup by Jim Cordle, is looking forward to resuming his career next year.

“That’s what you live for,” Baas said. “Obviously, there’s things that happen and you’re a man about it and you realize that’s a part of the business, but you don’t think about (not playing) right now. That may come down the road and I’m smart enough to be prepared for that, but as of right now, I’m just worried about getting healthy and getting to a point where I can play and play at a very high level again.”



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