30 Questions, 30 Days: Day 12

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Very interesting question. I think on the whole, they’d like to get toughness and durability out of whoever their new starting core will be. But above all, they probably want playmakers—guys who can turn and run with the backs and tight ends out of the backfield for starters.

They also probably want guys who can come up against the run and stop ball carriers in those short to intermediate ranges (within seven yards)

Did I mention durability? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have any of the linebackers miss chunks of games during the season.

One other quality I think might be in play—youth. Stock up on guys who are well under 30 and let this unit gel together. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time the Giants opened the season with the same starting linebacker unit two years in a row, can you?

The turnover on that unit be it due to injury, age, free agency, etc. has to be one of the highest of any positions on the team.

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