30 Questions, 30 Days: Day 4

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You never want to say never, but (yeah, I know), I’m going to tap the brakes on such a possibility because I’m going to refer you back to the 2014 season.

You’ll recall that year, the Giants brought in a lot of new faces. A lot.

While they had the spring and summer to gel, by the end of the season when I went around asking players if they felt that the jelling process had actually completed, most of the guys I spoke with said that it hadn’t and that they felt Year 2 would be better.

Now let me take that concept a step further. The Giants defense does not really have a large core—you can make a case for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Johnathan Hankins and Devon Kennard being part of that core, but the rest of the group is still to be determined.

This means that the new pieces not only have to jell with the holdovers, they have to learn Steve Spagnuolo’s system, which has been described as being “complicated” by the players.

Add to that the subtraction of Jon Beason, who although not able to stay on the field, was a huge factor behind the scenes as sort of an unofficial coaching assistant, and add in new defensive line and linebackers coaches who are probably going to teach new techniques and the short answer is that no, I don’t think the Giants defense is going to do a complete 180-degree turn in one year.

I do think the unit will be better with the right moves and a little luck in the health department. But if you’re looking for this unit to become the Denver Broncos II, I think that’s a stretch.

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