30 Questions, 30 Days: Day 5

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My gut feeling as of right now—and I can’t stress this enough considering I’m answering this question BEFORE the NFL combine and the pro days—is that the Giants will move Devon Kennard to the middle and add a new face at the SAM position.

I also think the Giants will make a strong push to re-sign Jasper Brinkley, who earned a second contract.

Lastly—and I know this won’t be very popular with Giants fans, but I do think it’s the reality—Mark Herzlich, who’s been a solid special teams contributor and a decent pinch hitter at outside linebacker, will also provide some depth this year.

I’m still not sure if Uani ‘Unga has a place on this team in 2016. He’ll compete for a spot, but my guess is they’ll try to upgrade the depth.

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