30 Questions, 30 Days: Day 6

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It’s seemed to me (and just about everybody) that the Giants have a large talent deficit resulting from bad player personnel decisions over the past few years. I’ve thought that the coaches did a pretty good job considering what they had to work with. Yet a number of coaches are gone now, and Jerry Reese, a prime mover in those decisions, is still here. Why?

Roger B., Inside Football Subscriber


Roger, that question was put to co-owner John Mara, whom, if you remember after the 2014 season when asked about now former head coach Tom Coughlin, said that the reason Coughlin was coming back was because Mara and his business partner Steven Tisch both felt that they could still win with Coughlin. I’m not sure exactly what changed considering the personnel issue was frequently mentioned by Mara, who also indicated that he wants Coughlin to remain as a consultant. It’s certainly one of the oddest scenarios this organization has had at that level in all the years I’ve covered the team.

Okay, so why keep Jerry Reese? Mara said they felt like they could win with Reese at the helm. Also, with Coughlin gone, the bull’s eye is firmly on Reese’s back.

Now here’s the thing. While the last two draft classes have been decent, it’s going to take a lot more work to erase the failures of the 2010-2013 classes. This means the team is going to have to rely more heavily on free agency, which is a dangerous proposition, as we’ve seen.

It will be interesting to see how much of a rope Mara and Tisch give Reese and the rest of the personnel department in rebuilding the roster. If the team struggles in 2016, do they dump Reese and go in another direction?

Remember, Mara and Reese desire stability for the organization. We at Inside Football felt that there was nothing really stable about the Giants football operations given how the program deteriorated over the last few years. We also see the changes that were made as being superficial–many of Coughlin’s old assistants are back and the same offensive and defensive systems will be coming back. Other than the roster, which is expected to be overturned anyway, what has really changed?

We shall see how Reese and company respond moving forward, but we suspect that there is very little room for error with this group and that another losing season could spell the end of Reese’s tenure.

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