30 Questions, 30 Days: Day 9

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Now that Will Beatty and Geoff Schwartz have been released, do you believe that Jerry Reese will look for a tackle in free agency or in the draft?  This assumes that Bobby Hart will be the right guard next year.

I am not usually good about analyzing draft choices (I wanted Robert Gallery and not Eli Manning), but I knew that picking Hart was a great move the day he was selected.  I am worried though that waiting until the draft for a right tackle could prove to be an enormous risk.

Secondly, do you believe that with all of this new cap space that JR will attempt to make a huge free agent splash like Von Miller or attempt to fill as many holes as possible with free agents, knowing that his recent draft history has been quite poor?

– Mark W., Inside Football Subscriber


Mark, forget about Von Miller. Denver is probably going to franchise him, so let’s cross him off the wish list right here and right now.

As for “making a splash,” what people need to understand is that big names do not always translate into championships. The trick is to sign the right players, regardless s if their names are recognizable to fans.

The problem the Giants have had, I think, is that they’ve been guilty of overvaluing some guys when it comes to contracts. Seriously, when you have players who don’t finish out their contracts, that’s almost as bad as missing on a draft pick.

Second, and perhaps even more importantly, the reason why this team is in the mess it’s in is because of the poor drafts. All those wasted picks which are no longer on the roster are guys who right about now should have been coming into their prime. Now the Giants have to heavily rely on free agency to fill those holes, and quite frankly, free agency isn’t the answer.

Peter King wrote a wonderful piece on free agency which I highly recommend people read, even though it’s slightly dated. The article has some interesting data which shows that “making a splash” isn’t necessarily the answer.

And going back to your first question regarding right tackle, remember, Justin Pugh has the flexibility to play right tackle. Who’s to say the Giants won’t sign a left guard and then kick Pugh out to right tackle again? Is it a long shot? Yes, but anything is possible right now.

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