Letters to the Editor: August 12, 2013

Stats may tell a lot, but as one reader is about to find out, stats don’t tell the entire story.

George D. writes…
As you’ve stated before, preseason games are for experimentation. I certainly hope that’s what last night was all about. In particular, the linebacker corps. I love the Herzlich story, but football-wise I just don’t see where he’s the answer at MLB.

George, I don’t think you can rush to judgment on one game. Personally I’d like to see if some of these guys who had sub par performances bring it next week before I write anyone off.

Rich D. writes…
Perry Fewell’s defensive stats since 2006. This shows that his run defense is mostly very poor. It also shows a steady decline since he took over here. You can find all kinds of excuses, different team, players, injuries, blah, blah, blah, but the bottom line is his run defensive scheme is historically speaking, flawed. Stats are taken from ESPN archive.

Year ——-overall ———- run ——— pass
2012 ——– 25 ————–25———– 28
2011 ——–27 ————–19———– 29
2010 ——–7 ————– 8———– 9
2009 ——–19 ————–30———– 2
2008 ——–14 ————–22———– 13
2007 ——–31 ————–25———– 29
2006 ——–18 ————–28———– 7

Rich, first, Fewell was not the Giants’ defensive coordinator in 2006-2010 – Spags was. And assuming the numbers you sent to me are in the right order, look at where the 2007 defense that beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl was ranked overall.

Note: it was pointed out to me by another reader that the 2006-2010 years were from Fewell’s years in Buffalo. He had different personnel and if I’m remembering correctly, he ran a 3different defense while in Buffalo. The point is the numbers provided here are not valid to support the argument.

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