Letters to the Editor: August 13, 2013

Are the Giants setting themselves up to fail this year on defense given all their multiple looks they’ve been trying out? The readers weigh in.

Duncan L. writes…
Some of the things you tell us about Giants camp have me worrying that Coach Fewell is turning into a coach that wants to draw up more plays. At the pro level, the limitations of time should not be such a constraint as the lower levels of football. Is it concerning to you, as a daily observer of the team?

Lying on top of that is the echo of the communication problems from last year. More is not always better!

What do you think, Pat? Wait and see? Signs of over coaching? Coach Fewell struggling to keep his job?

Duncan, you’re preaching to the choir here. I mean, granted, they do have to adapt in order to keep up with the evolving offenses – the read option in particular. But is trying to counter the read option with multiple defensive looks the answer? I’m not so sure it is because now you run the risk of outsmarting yourself.  

I have my reservations about this approach and hope that they know what they’re doing. But I personally prescribe to the theory “less is more” and that you work to improve your strengths and not spread things around so much to where your strengths now become ordinary, if that makes any sense.   

Brian B. writes…
I have to ask. What is going on with this defense?

This team is built for a 4-3. The primary resources are spent on the D-Line and secondary. It’s debatable if there is one decent LB on this team.

Yet I keep reading reports of a 3-4 look and I’m very perplexed by this. Yes, this team has the d-lineman and enough big guys up front to play the 3-4 but they don’t have ANY linebackers. So the plan is to take natural DEs who are all highly paid individuals and play them out of their natural position as an OLB in a 3-4 set? It doesn’t make sense to me in the least.

For years I’ve been reading that there is miscommunication all over the defensive unit, and now we are adding 3-4 looks?

I have a lot of faith in the offense, but I am extremely nervous about this defense and this is coming from someone who feels the talent on the defense has actually been upgraded from last season.

What are your thoughts on this?

Brian, as I said to Duncan, I have concerns about what Fewell is trying to do. I realize the defense wasn’t good last year, but how much of that was a result of poor communication and injuries as opposed to talent? I’d be willing to bet a good part of it was. And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tim Lewis try using Tuck as a stand-up pass rusher only to have that experiment fail?


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