Letters to the Editor: August 15, 2013

Nat K. writes…
I recall that when Lombardi was coaching the Packers he said, in regard to his offense, “they may know what we are going to do but they can’t stop us.” The principal is that if you have the talent your main job is to put your players in the best position to maximize their abilities. Fewell does not understand that and this should be his last year with the Giants.

Nat, I recall that anecdote as well. I’m all for reinventing yourself every year, but what Fewell is doing, in my opinion, seems to be tossing darts with a blindfold on and hoping he hits the bull’s eye.

I don’t know if you watch “The Big Bang Theory,” but there’s an episode where Sheldon buys a bunch of different sized gift baskets or his friend Penny, with the intention of giving her the one that best reflects the value of the holiday gift she gave him. When he realizes the gift she gave him was a one of a kind and priceless (to him) item, he gives here all the baskets in what can best be described as over doing it.

Anyway, I’ll give Fewell the benefit of the doubt right now, but I do so with some reservations.

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