Letters to the Editor: August 16, 2013

The concern and questions about the new 3-4 defensive fronts that the Giants have experimented with continues.Peter M. writes…
I have wondered about the sudden 3-4 looks in practice after the Steelers preseason game. I am wondering if coaches Hermann and Nunn are having more influence of late due to the inability of Fewell’s planned system to effectively stop the run. Both Hermann and Nunn have recent experience with successful 3-4 fronts. Let’s face it — the front seven is the core of run defense.

With only a handful of practices it is hard to instill anything new. At this point of the season, we would be polishing our well-established system and developing player combinations.

We all know Coughlin preaches stopping the run up front, something that Fewell has not been able to do consistently; maybe Coughlin’s patience is running out. Reese has provided us with plenty of big bodies up front. The real concern to me is that our defense just doesn’t seem physical enough at this point. By using the likes of Tuck, Kiwanuka and JPP at OLB, maybe we are adding that much-needed physical edge.

One of the coaches (Hermann I think) did mention different philosophies in first/second down and third down. Could we see a version of a 3-4 on running downs and Fewell’s NASCAR style on passing packages.

While I don’t like instilling 3-4 fronts at this stage, I do think we need to look at all the options.  I just believe it is a last ditch desperation move, but we need to try something.

Peter, I believe all the coaches have input on the system, but in the end, the coordinator is the one who draws up the schemes. In addition, I do believe that you might be on to something when you say that the use of defensive ends as outside linebackers might be a way to help bolster a unit that hasn’t set the world on fire, but which does have some talent to do so if that talent were to play more consistently.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what they come up with and how the personnel is deployed moving forward. I do agree with your concern that there probably hasn’t been enough time it install a new defense, but at the same time, I’m not so sure you can say this is a new defense, but rather a revamped one.

Bob P. writes…
We spent the off-season to improving our defensive line so we could stop the run. Watching the first preseason game was disappointing. While I realize it was the first game unless we clean it up it will be a long season. Our defensive ends don’t seem to understand setting the edge. They seemed to crash down on every play and completely sell out.

I might understand if these were all rookies but with the exception of Moore they are not. And the thought of Tuck and whoever else standing up and dropping into coverage is a disaster waiting to happen. I remember when Lewis tried it. I have never felt Fewell was the right choice and nothing he’s done has changed my mind. Reminds me of why we have kept our special teams coach this long. Can’t answer that one either.

Bob, Quinn has actually done a good job once he got better players to work with, so let’s give him a pass despite that one poor season he had. As for Fewell, I too am starting to wonder about what direction they’re headed.

This team is not built for 3-4 look and the thought of dropping the defensive ends into coverage makes me wonder if this is being done because of the linebackers. I really don’t understand the logic behind here, but since the coaches spend way more time studying and analyzing this stuff than any of us, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here and hope that they’re spot on with their solution.

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