Letters to the Editor: August 26, 2013

The readers check in.

Nat K. writes…
I think you have a lot of company in your advocacy of eliminating overtime in pre-season games. Another rule change I would like to see is enabling teams to assign players to the practice squad without having to put them through waivers.

Thanks Nat. I have no issues with the waivers aspect – it helps keep the competitive balance.

Al S. writes…
This is the best site for Giants fans. I have been a subscriber for about 35 years or so and can honestly say you’ve become the best, Pat.

Thanks Al!

Ted M. writes…
I may be the only person concerned with this, but don’t you think it a bit ominous that Damontre Moore has not even practiced since his début in the Pittsburgh game?
Since when is a “contusion” so debilitating? I see he will not play against the Jets either. So what is really wrong here? I even saw some report that he might go on IR. Did he have a dislocation or a break? The official reports make no sense at all. Every player has contusions by now, everywhere they make contact.

Ted, I haven’t heard anything about IR for DaMonsta. Quite frankly though, let’s put things into perspective. With the time he’s missed and assuming they get Pierre-Paul back at some point,. Moore would be the fourth DE anyway – and that’s if Jenkins getsz some work outside. So I wouldn’t get too worried just yet.

Randolph W. writes…
I really hate to harp on this issue so often, but I must because you disagree with me. If the lack of real linebackers is not a problem, why did the Jets average over 10 yards a throw to their backs and the Giants less than 3 when they were completed at all.

Why can’t we cover theirs but they can cover ours. Hint, Hint, I say because our linebackers, particularly Herzlich and Paysinger, are not even good college linebackers, let alone pros. They’re both undrafted free agents that nobody EVER wanted. Sensitivity to cancer notwithstanding. And even Carl Banks wanted to know where they were when they were running through the Giants’ alleged team.

P.S. Advice to Jerry. There will plenty of options on cutdown day to replace these stiffs. Don’t let Cancer cloud your judgment. As YOU said, everyone, including you, are on the bubble. Herzlich CAN’T PLAY!

Randolph, I believe Rivers can play – he’s looked good. I think Paysinger can play – he’s looked pretty good at times. nI think Williams has potential, and I like what Bosworth has shown so far.  

And as I have said countless times, the MLB doesn’t get on the field as much; when he does, it should be Connor, who has looked better than Herzlich, who continues to have trouble shedding blocks.

I am far more concerned about the thinning secondary than I am the linebackers. Oh and not to split hairs, but the Giants wanted Herzlich and Paysinger, so to say “nobody wanted them” is inaccurate.



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