Letters to the Editor: August 3, 2013

Brian B. writes…
First I love your analysis. One question I’ve had since last season is why isn’t Rivers in any of the sub nickel packages instead of the other LBs excluding Williams who is a great cover LB. With his athleticism I’d think he’d be good in coverage. Wanted to know your thoughts on this.

Brian, Rivers was often injured last year, hence he really wasn’t on the field much. I think this year, if he stays healthy, you’ll see him on the field for every down.

Nat K. writes…
I want to applaud your thoughtful and sensitive comments on football injuries. There are those macho fans who would like to return to the old days and believe we are coddling the current players. I, for one, wish we could do more to prevent injuries. Football is a physical sport and hence injuries are inevitable. But the objective is, or always should be, not to hurt or maim the opposing player (even if he is a QB) but rather to execute a play or prevent the execution of one. Regrettably, some players as well as some fans think otherwise.

I hear you, Nat. I’ve known many a player who thought it was cool to play through an injury. In fact, one player who was with this team sometime during the last ten years used to brag about how he would never came out even when he was dinged. Sadly, as hat player advanced in his career, you could tell that he just wasn’t right mentally, the many blows taking their toll on him. I don’t know what became of him, bt I hope he, as well as all the others who played through concussions and such, are doing well these days.

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