Letters to the Editor: December 20, 2013

Nat K. writes…
A few points to which I hope you will see fit to respond.

(1) You point out that Marc Ross is in charge of the draft. But isn’t Reese ultimately responsible for all personnel decisions? Maybe both need to be replaced

(2) I share your admiration for Coughlin. But even though he has become kinder and gentler, he still tends to be inflexible and I am not sure he can handle all the changes that are necessary. Furthermore I am disturbed when I hear Coughlin quoted as saying they discussed sitting Eli down but Eli wants to play.

Who is running the team? With Eli having taken a terrible beating this year and a line that figures to be even more porous over the next two games why risk injury to the franchise QB?

(3) Finally, I reject the argument that Coughlin and Gilbride should be retained because Eli is comfortable with them. Eli will be comfortable enough if he gets to play behind a line that gives him adequate protection and has some receivers who can run the right routes and hold on to the ball.

Thanks for your indulgence.

Nat, here are my responses in order:

1) Yes, Reese is ultimately the man in charge of football operations. However, if you have a situation where the boss is micromanaging his staff, that’s not a good way to conduct business. I suspect Reese leave it up to those he hired (Ross was his hand-picked successor) to do their jobs and if there is a split opinion, he intervenes accordingly.

2) Coughlin is in charge of the team, but with certain players, such as Eli, apparently they have earned the right to have an input on the on-field product. Had Eli opted to sit out these last two games, something tells me that he would have been crucified by some for quitting on his team.  

3) Yes, an improved offensive line will work wonders for the Giants offense, no question. That’s why Coughlin and Gilbride will likely be retained after the season, as management sees what a fair number of us have seen all year long.  And I still believe that of the three coordinators, Quinn is the most likely to be gone.

Pete L. writes…
I’m wondering why Jerry Reese and the personnel department have not come under more fire. Simply put, the last 5 draft classes have not worked out well. I count at best 10 current positive contributors from the last 5 drafts or approx 35 picks.

  • 2013: Justin Pugh, D Moore (specials)
  • 2012: Randle
  • 2011: Amukamara, J Williams
  • 2010: JPP, L Joseph
  • 2009: Nicks, Beatty, A Brown

Furthermore, out of that group, how many could start for at least half the teams in the league? Maybe 5-6?

I don’t think there is any coach in the league that would be winning with that kind of recent draft history.

Pete, I believe that the scouting department is indeed under scrutiny to the point where there might be some changes coming. The only reason why you haven’t heard anything is because the draft prep is on-going now and teams rarely make changes to their college scouting department until after the draft.

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