Letters to the Editor: January 2, 2014

Win R. writes…
I have a very simple question based on the recognition that Eli is not indestructible and that he can be injured. So we got a virtually useless Curtis Painter for a half (imagine what would have happened if Eli suffered the same injury when the Giants were 0-6; we could well have gone 0-16).

This leads me to question why the Giants drafted Nassib in the first place. Do you agree that this was a total waste of a draft pick?

Also, why is it that Eli saunters so slowly from the huddle to the scrimmage line? He takes so long to make a definitive call of whatever play it is, that the opposing team can anticipate the moment of the snap.

The only exception is the 2-minute drill, which is where Eli has shown a much greater sense of urgency.

Win, the thinking behind drafting Nassib is to develop him so that they can potentially shop him at some point, at least that’s what I think the case is.

You look at Washington for example—because Kirk Cousins developed, not they have a chance to shop him and potentially pick up a draft pick or two.

The problem with the Giants’ strategy though is that their quarterbacks coach, in my opinion, was in way very his head as far as developing Nassib. That’s why I believe there will be a change made there.

As for Eli being slow in and out of the huddle, again, my understanding is that there is a lot to be said on any given play.


Bill A. writes…
A tough season! We need to be ruthless in trimming big contracts. Hakeem Nicks showed no heart and should be let go. Linval Joseph is good and should be kept at right price. Keep Tuck but no more than a two year deal @$4 million per. Snee and Baas released.

Beason is a beast with heart. Pay him but recognize his injury history and keep it reasonable. Webster is over the hill. No other free agents should be paid above the minimum. Keep Cullen Jenkins. Cut Kiwanuka. Change OC Gilbride.

Get offensive lineman thru free agency. Build defense thru draft. Draft a running back in second or third round. Wilson(if healthy)is a kick returner/third down back. I believe in Reese but Sintim, Austin and the mid round picks were awful.

Keeping guys like Ramses Barden on the team for four years as reserves who can’t contribute on special teams is a flawed strategy. Lastly, Eli needs talent around him. A new running back, Tight End and depth on the OL will get this team back on track. Coughlin was amazing to get 7 wins.

Thanks Bill. Some interesting suggestions here, though I would have liked to have read more about why you think guys should be cut/retained.

Anyway, I don’t think that all will be run by management, though, as sometimes things aren’t all that they appear to be.

Nat K. writes…
I don’t think it takes much insight for me to suggest that whether the year will be a happy one for the Giants will depend in large part on Eli. He needs three things to be successful (1) a strong offensive line (at least two replacements needed) (2) some intelligent coaching to help him overcome his bad mechanics and poor decision making (bringing back Mike Sullivan would help) (3) a tall receiver a la Plaxico Burress to go up after Eli’s errant throws (even Accorsi-an unabashed admirer-acknowledged when observing Eli in college that he has a tendency to throw high. That hasn’t changed.

Two other points: (1) The fact that there is no credible back-up for Eli is emblematic of faulty personnel policy (2) Mara’s comment that he could not understand why it took 3 years to discover that Jernigan could play was a mild rebuke to Coughlin who is notably reluctant to give snaps to younger players.

Nat, Mike Sullivan ran the same offense as Kevin Gilbride. I’m not so sure that he would be the answer unless he was willing to take a position coaching job.

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