Letters to the Editor: July 31, 2013

Every year is a new year. And can the Giants avoid a second-half slide this year?

Avrom F. writes…
This is a follow up to my earlier emails on why the Giants in 9 season under Coughlin have always done worse in the second half of the season than they had done in the first half.

I think the issue was wrongly presented. The question really should be why do Tom Coughlin’s team always do so well in the first half. Given the consistency with which the Giants always do so well in the first half at least to me compels the conclusion that Coach Coughlin maximizes the benefits the Giants derive from their preseason training. The result is that the Giants invariably get off to a great start. Unfortunately by the second half of the season the advantages of the benefits of excellent preseason training tend to wear off and the Giant edge in preparation wears off and the other teams tend to catch up

Given the excellence of his career record it is obvious to me that Coughlin is an a great coach. He has won with strong defensive teams as well as strong offensive teams. He has had strong running teams and strong passing teams. With the exception of the incidents with Tiki and before that with Shockey I have no recollection of any dissension. So to me the question is not what Coach Coughlin did wrong in the second half year after year but rather what he did right in the preseason so that his team gets off to such a good start year after year.

Avrom, every year is a new year, and every year, the team starts out relatively healthy and energetic. I understand that this topic is of great interest to you, but let’s see how the team goes through this season and leave the past where it belongs for now.

If there is another collapse in the second half, we’ll revisit it again and I’ll try to reconstruct the circumstances surrounding other second-half season slumps under Coughlin in order to pinpoint a trend, but I’m certain a lot has to do with when the bye week falls and the health of key players.

Bill B. writes…
You have GREAT camp reports.

Thank you.

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