Letters to the Editor: November 3, 2013

Andy W. writes…
Just heard a stat on ESPN.  Geno Smith and Cam Newton lead the league in off-target interceptions at 7. Which means of Eli’s 15 picks, 6 or less are from off-target throws. Not to say none of his other picks are from mis-reads by Eli, but between Eli and his receivers, I tend to think his receivers screw up more often.

Obviously, the Giants who were lost the first 6 games with 24 turnovers and won the last 2 with only 1, are improving. Still, it seem like they would be better off with Brewer at guard, Boothe at center and Cordle on the bench than the current alignment.

On defense, the addition of Beason, seems to have done wonders for a very questionable line backing corps that was playing very poorly before his arrival.

Andy, if Brewer were the better option at guard, I tend to think he would be in there. Seriously, he’s not the answer that people think he is, at least not this year. In addition, the screw-up last game in which he lined up on the wrong side of the formation is perfect example of why he’s currently on the bench and David Diehl is in the lineup.

Maybe next year Brewer gets a shot, but let’s be realistic–he had a chance to win a starting job this year and he didn’t, which tells me he’s not ready.

I agree about Beason, though it must be remembered that the last two teams have had crappy offenses. But yes. there is noticeable improvement in the linebackers’ play .

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