Letters to the Editor: November 8, 2013

Ted M. writes…
When Jerry Reese selected an undersized, fragile speedster from Virginia Tech in the first round two years ago, all I could see was the re-incarnation of the Rocky Thompson debacle.

Totally blowing it on a first round selection can set a team back for years, unless counter-balanced by great other players from the same draft, or getting lucky on a number of free agent signings. So far, David Wilson looks to be in the category where the team is set back for a long while.

My own prediction is that he will never be an impact player for the Giants. I also believe the likelihood is strong that he will not again play in the NFL.

Ted, didn’t the Giants also draft an undersized David Meggett who worked out for them? Don’t they have an undersized cornerback in Trumaine McBride who has played well for them? For the love of the above, Ted, look at a player’s body of work rather than his size before declaring him a boom or a bust. (Was Wilson injury prone in college? If not, then how can you say he’s “fragile”?)

In Wilson’s case, he lost this year to injury. That’s going to set him back next year and quite honestly, I don’t think he’s worthy of the Rocky Thompson bust level right now. Will that change? Maybe yes, maybe no. We just don’t’ have enough facts yet to support that.

Quite honestly, I didn’t hear anyone complaining about what a wasted pick he was last year when he was dazzling on kickoffs and when people were jumping up and down when he finally got into the lineup and looked pretty good running the ball.

Lastly, I don’t know what you’re basing your belief that he won’t play again in the NFL. I’ve been told his neck issue is similar to what Mathias Kiwanuka went through, and he was able to return. What is it that you know that leads you to think Wilson’s NFL career is done?

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