Letters to the Editor: October 11, 2013

Bob G. writes…
Among the plethora of bad decisions Reese has made in the last couple of years, letting go of Bennett to sign Myers would be in the top 3.

I don’t think it’s because Myers is a bad player, Bob. However, he is clearly not a fit for what the is offense asks of its tight ends, and for that, the front office needs to be accountable for not finding players that mesh with what the coaches want to accomplish. 

Mike R. writes…
On the NFL network last nite at half time, they reported that Coach Coughlin can come back next year if he wants to. My question is what is your opinion on this and if he does come back and there are new coordinators, would the NY Giants be able to find quality new coordinators for a coach who may not be there after next year?

Mike,  I initially was critical of the Jets for taking that approach – they dumped their coordinators and kept the head coach, but so far its’ been working out for them. So yes,I do believe that perhaps a young up and coming assistant looking to be a coordinator might be drawn to the challenge that is fixing the Giants.

Nat K. writes…
We are now past the point where there can be any lingering delusions that the Giants have a good team. Next year begins a rebuilding process that will take more than one year to restore the Giants to a competitive team. Conceivably there are about 2 dozen players worth retaining.

But there are many holes to fill. Smart personnel decisions and judicious cap management will be particularly important since the Giants will have a favorable draft position. The feckless record of Mr Reese suggests that he is not the one who can carry this out. Some will say that having presided over two Super Bowl wins he deserves one more chance. I say the Giants cannot afford that gamble and i can only hope that Mr.Mara and Mr Tisch agree.

Nat, at some point after the season, I’m going to do a “Keep ‘em dump ‘em” analysis. As for the drafts, it sure would help if the front office and the coaching staff were more on the same page.

Donnell S. writes…
I’m curious to see how the Giants will approach next year. Which coaches will hold on to their jobs and the direction the team moves to. Rebuilding vs. Plugging in holes. I hate to see Coughlin tenure end like this. I honestly do not see this team turning things around this year.

On a bright note I love to see how determined and inspired Brandon Jacobs played. He left it all out on the field. Justin Pugh has played well also.

Donnell, as of right now, reports claim that Coughlin will be back. That could change, obviously, but if he’s not back, it will be because he decided ot walk away. I agree about Jacobs and Pugh. I also though Beasn and Hill were studs on defense as well.

Alex L. writes…
Have you noticed that we seem to run the ball almost every second down? And people wonder why we face so many third and longs. Our play calling is stuck in the 20th century while we live in the 21st century.

While the lack of talent is clearly evident on the defensive side of the ball, has the defense under perry fewell ever been that good? We were ranked nearly last even when we won the super bowl! I think a mid-season firing might be warranted…

Alex, I doubt we’ll see a mid-season firing. However, changes are definitely coming to that coaching staff. This cannot continue as it’s been.

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