Letters to the Editor: October 3, 2013

Folks, apologies for getting to your letters this late in the week.

Bob G. writes…
Why would the Giants pass up on the OT from the Jaguars, who was a starter for them, to pick up a lineman who couldn’t even make the Eagles? Yes the Jaguars wanted a 4th and 5th round picks but the Giants draft record isn’t that good that they should have passed up on a starting left tackle, who is still in his 20’s. We don’t have many starting level OL’s that we should pass on a starting left tackle.

Bob, I’ve said this a million times before and will say it again. If you make a trade, you have to be ready to accept and fit the player’s contract under your cap (the Giants have no room to do that).

Also, do you really want the Giants giving up draft picks when a team’s foundation is built on its draft? Seriously, a trade is not always the answer unless it involves an upper level player in his prime.

Think about this as well – if the Jaguars tackle was that good, then why would he be on the market?

Andy W. writes…
Excellent issue this week. You hit just about everything. The whole game I could not understand why Scott was getting so many touches. This is a player, who by all accounts was set to be cut in his rookie year when he broke off a 90 yard run to save his roster spot in the last preseason game.

In this year’s camp, he was again set to be cut when Brown broke his leg. How does someone go from roster bubble to go to guy with zero merit? I guess they finally figured out how to keep him off the field, at least for the Giants.

The one thing you missed (in all fairness there was a lot to cover) was the roster spot of Jernigan. He is not a punt returner, a kick returner, an effective WR, and finally Sunday, we learned, not a gunner. Why would a gunner ever run into the end zone.

Do you get brownie points for being the first to pick up the ball and hand it to the ref? Several years ago, the Giants picked up a pure gunner, I think his name was Thomas, a failed WR for the Redskins. At this point, the punt coverage unit needs someone to make plays. I do not see that player on the roster and Jernigan’s spot is a luxury the team cannot afford.

Andy, believe me when I say we didn’t miss Jernigan. I too have been wondering why he’s still on the roster. Your fourth and fifth receivers should contribute to special teams and he really doesn’t.

So yes, that’s a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s because he’s a top three (for the Giants) draft pick and they didn’t want to give up on two high picks in the same year because that would confirm what many of us have been saying, and that is their drafts haven’t been that sharp of late. Who knows?

Kevin M. writes…
After 50+ years of watching the Giants I have seen the good as well as the bad. Looks like we are in for another rough spell but hopefully it won’t be as long as the drought of the 70s. After a losing season, the good thing about the modern NFL and salary cap is that you can turn things around within a few years.

This week, this team did not execute, was lost, looked like they played for the first time, and made too many sophomoric errors (can’t execute a screen, lining up 7, missed assignments, and etc. ).

You have to wonder about some very poor decisions were made by Reese and the coaches in building this team. Right now, it looked like Reese made all the wrong moves.

The quality (skill) makeup of this team lays at the feet of Reese and the coaches. If we are going to turn it around then maybe some of the Giants’ philosophies regarding drafting and signing offensive lineman, linebackers, and project players needs to change.

The question is can he change? Just hope Eli does not get hurt before then…and that we get some good players on the line and linebackers soon.

Kevin, sadly any major personnel changes won’t happen to next year. I hate to sound like a broken record, but there is no room under the cap to make any wholesale changes, and there is also nobody out there really worth shuffling multiple contracts for to make space.

Terry D. writes…
Maybe I am one of the few, but I did witness some improvement in defense and even the O-line for 3 qtrs. However, it is apparent that three commitments need to continue for us to consider making the playoffs or even regain some mojo:

(1) continued improvement in all phases of the game;

(2) NFC East weakness – parity – still 12 games to go; and,

(3) Staying healthy/mending injuries.

BUT, probably sooner than later – the coaching and management should start and I believe they will/have already started making changes for future player development. I guess by the time the bye week comes we’ll know all we have about this season and 2014 probable changes.

If several of us are just fair weather fans then we have reality issues that we cannot deal with – remember “it’s just a very exciting and entertaining game.” Winners and losers abound.

Terry, I too saw flashes of improvement, but they are baby steps. And I want to ask people a serious question. Everyone says, rightfully so, the NFC East is weak and because of that, the Giants have a chance.

Have the fans decided to settle for just a winning record and perhaps a playoff berth that, given how the team has performed in the first quarter of the season, almost certainly will spell an early exit?

Seriously, I’d like to hear from you guys about this because that’s the impression I’m getting.

Donnell S. writes…
Right now goes to a testament of how well the coaching staff can adjust to the play of their players. We continue to show weakness in several areas, and I have yet to see any drastic benching yet.

When do you expect to see the coaches start turning to guys off the bench to provide a spark. To me Hakeem Nicks should lose his starting job. I just do not see the effort from him and that could start to get contagious to other players, especially if this losing streak continues.

Donnell, who do you propose replace the benched players? Hakeem Nicks? Sure, let’s replace him with Jerrel Jernigan. David Wilson? Hey, Michael Cox can learn on the job—who cares if he ends up getting Eli killed.

Seriously, look at the depth on this team and ask yourself if you REALLY want a starter benched in favor of his backup. And please be honest with yourself when answering that question.

Ted M. writes…
I give credit to Antrel Rolle for sounding the clarion call. “We can go on a 12-0 run, etc.”

But he doesn’t cite any evidence other than raw emotion. Not a comment about how this player or that is developing into a monster, etc. There is no mention of a coaching scheme that is about to pay dividends. He gives no reason to think anything other than this is a guy, a leader, unwilling to recognize what has unfolded

1. That the coaches just have no plan for using the talents available. e.g.: they keep asking a non-blocking tight end to block; they can’t find ways to put Wilson in space.
2. That they started a guy at center against KC who probably isn’t an NFL quality player.

3. That the Giants have the worst linebackers in the NFL.

4. That we have the fewest sacks in the league due to: Tuck is already slotted for one of those pre-game TV shows and JPP needs another month or possibly the season to fully recover. Kiwi is a firm back up in his last prime year or two. Basically, unless Moore starts, there is no rush.

5. That with Webster out, and now Ross down with a back, the DBs are getting thin

6. That our last few drafts have produced little talent of note ( Pugh does look good; Prince looks excellent; Wilson has potential ). But Randle is still playing like a rookie; the JPP of tight ends can’t get on the field and has no clue anyway; that they have no faith at all in the guard they drafted two years back from Auburn, that the Troy State water bug is basically useless, etc.

I hope Rolle is right. I hope Tuck is right. But words are cheap. What we have seen the Giants accomplish so far, is who the Giants are.

They might beat Oakland and Jacksonville because we still have Eli.

And for those hoping some form of shake-up is in store; disabuse yourself of that idea. No changes until the season ends. For sure.

Ted, sometimes in life you have to go on blind faith. For example, when I was told I had cancer, I wasn’t given any guarantees that I’d get better. I was given odds, just like everyone else. So I believed that I would beat it and I did, even though I had no factual evidence to support my belief.

Let me address your points individually:

1. While I agree that the coaches haven’t used their talent wisely, what they have done is stick with what’s worked for this team over the years. Unfortunately, they haven’t been given the personnel to do that. Yes, the blocking of the tight ends is a huge problem, but coming in, we knew that Brandon Myers was not a blocker.

Yes, Wilson needs to be put into space, but if the offensive linemen can’t get to the second level, what’s the point? You want to see the young man flattened by a defender because Wilson can’t get any second-level blocking?

With that said, the coaches haven’t done the best job adapting to what they have been given.

2. Cordle hasn’t looked good, but how much of that is a result of live game experience? Wouldn’t it be much more fair to see if Cordle improves as the weeks go on rather than to say he’s not an NFL quality player?

3. The linebackers haven’t been as good as the talent would have suggested. Paysinger has been the best of the bunch, so yes, I do agree they need to address that position.

4. What makes you so sure that Moore is the answer? Quite honestly, I thought they should have found a way to keep Osi Umenyiora, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

5. I agree about the cornerback depth becoming thin. Webster, though, should be back this week – how explosive he’ll be with that groin issue that’s been lingering since the summer remains to be seen.

6. Agree that the drafting needs to be better. Too many top three picks are not working out – Austin, Jernigan, Sintim, etc. 

Nat K. writes…
A look at the Giants draft history under Reese’s management offers some insight into why the Giants are where they are. From 2007 through 2013, 52 players were drafted and 24 remain. But 13 of the 24 were drafted in the past 2 years only 3 of which have gotten any meaningful playing time and the jury is still out on all three.

That only 11 (and that includes Ross who was brought back) remain from the previous 5 years is telling. If you draft 7 players you should expect to keep at least 3 of them.

Can’t argue with the facts Nat.

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