Letters to the Editor: October 8, 2013

Brian B. writes…
I’m glad you’ve seen the light this year and are really trying to expose the coaching failures. A lot of people always recite, this staff won two Super Bowls, did they forget how to coach?

And my answer to that right now would be yes. And there are many instances this year to support that.

For starters, and the most egregious to me was after the Chiefs game a question was asked to Gilbride and Coughlin about the play calling and their answer was, “it’s like throwing darts at this point”

Really? You mean to tell me a couple well designed and well called plays couldn’t get the offense moving? Some easy completions to get some confidence in the offense wouldn’t have helped? Maybe changing the pace on offense would help. If it doesn’t matter what plays are called when it’s not going well, than what is the point of having coaches?

Also in the Chiefs game the coaching staff blundered the use of timeouts at the end of the first half.

Fast forward to this week and this staff had blatant mistakes.

There’s an adage about history and repeating mistakes, Brian. I can’t remember what it is off the top of my head, but as you’ve pointed out, you’re seeing it up close and personal with this team.

John W. writes…
I am 72yr old, lifetime Giant fan. I like tc on different levels. But it seems all too clear that he has lost the attention of the team. As he is so loyal to his coaches that their inability or desire to make proper use of what they have costs the team the desire to win.

Add a gm who does not draft to meet needs and tries to plug in low cost players combine to equal what we now have. Ownership needs to start at the gm and rebuild, go Big Blue.

John, I’m not so sure that the team will be blown up that high. I do think that if the season ends up in the toilet, the player personnel will definitely be turned inside out.

Nat K. writes…
My answer to your “Old” reader (I am 7 years older) who asks what to do about the Giants is to start at the top. You analyzed the Giants’ 5 year draft record in terms of booms and busts. I submit that if you analyzed their free agent acquisitions you would produce a similar result. There are teams that are consistently competitive (e.g. New England) in large part because they are good at player evaluation and at cap management.

Of course good coaching also helps. I remember when Lombardi and Landry were coordinators for the Giants and unfortunately they let them both get away. In more recent years the same was true of Belichick. Management is always the key to a strong organization.

Nat, as I said to John W. (above), I think the roster is going to be blown up if they don’t get this straightened out soon. I can also see a massive shakeup on the coaching staff as well coming.

Al N. writes…
We don’t re-sign Chase Blackburn. He signs with Carolina and plays so well vs. the Giants that he become the new starter. The guy he replaces then is traded to the Giants. Who is to blame, Reese or Coughlin?

Since Coughlin doesn’t handle the acquisition of player personnel, the answer is Reese.

Jeff C. writes…
I like others have watched this team for many years and am disappointed by the play this year when the name stars just aren’t playing up to their levels. I’m sure I am not the only one who has seen this reference but the Giants won their first two Super Bowls in 1986 & 1990 and then the last two in 2007 & 2011. Both sets of Super Bowls were four years apart and 17 years between the two sets, so if things hold true we’ll have to wait until 2028 until the next one.

Holy smokes, I sure hope it’s not that long!

Kevin L. writes…
There has been question as to whether the pressure is getting to Eli. What you notice is that in his frustration with his teammates he’s starting to refrain from accepting blame for others mistakes.

He mentioned that on one of the grounding calls the back was supposed to be in the flat and didn’t go there. He mentioned that he’s throwing the ball accurately when he gets a chance to throw it. The mistakes are getting to him especially the ones that are being made over and over again.

Can’t blame him Kevin. A person can only turn the other cheek so many times before the skin becomes raw.

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