Letters to the Editor: September 11, 2013

David Wilson, the linebackers and the Eagles are in today’s Letters.

Larry B. writes…
There is much talk about benching Wilson due to his apparent propensity to fumble away the football. As I recall, Bill Parcells famously told a rookie running back, “If you fumble you can’t play for me!”

The rookie was Dave Meggett who fumbled three times in a game against the Eagles. Nevertheless, Parcells showed patience and Meggett became a pro bowler for various teams in the NFL. Hopefully, our patience with Wilson might be similarly rewarded.

Wilson can fix the fumbling problem Larry. It’s his pass protection that still concerns me. But then again Tiki and Meggett were smaller backs and they did okay, so we’ll see what happens.

Robert S. writes…
Am I wrong or did Jerry Reese say within the last month or so that” the role of linebackers is being deemphasized”?

I don’t remember, to be honest.

Michael L. writes…
Like everyone else, I am interesting in seeing what new concepts the Eagles Offense brings to the NFL, but with their read option play: What happened to the ineligible player down field penalty? There was at least one rollout play where all 5 lineman were 3-5 yards past the line of scrimmage when Vick threw the pass. Is there a neutral zone area that an ineligible player can be in or is it a penalty if both feet are past the line of scrimmage. Teams and Ref’s should be looking for this on all read option passes.

Michael, I’ll be honest – I didn’t watch all the Eagles-Redskins game so I can’t comment on what they did. When the Eagles are up next on the Giants schedule, then I can speak more intelligently about the topic.

Matt R. writes…
Happy to see Jacobs back. Just curious what happened to torian, lumpkin or even martinek. These were guys in the system more recently and I don’t specifically remember injury. Is it a weird nfl rule with ir or something or maybe they are on another team? Again not complaining I really like Jacobs just concerned with mileage. Somehow reminds me of Herman Moore signing years ago.

Matt, not sure what happened with Torain, but I don’t believe he was injured. Martinek, from what I was told, didn’t have the ideal size they were looking for, and Lumpkin never really took to the system from what I heard.

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