Letters to the Editor: September 16, 2013

Chris B. writes…
For starters 0-2 is not the end of the world, but some things need to be addressed.

First, I think it’s real cute for Jerry Reese to say that everyone is on notice. Fine Jerry that means you. Can you explain how you have not drafted a single difference maker at linebacker in your tenure as GM? For a franchise with a history of excellence at the position it is beyond disgusting to see the steaming pile of garbage currently manning the position. Mark Herzlich was a nice story, but for crying out loud his instincts for the position range from laughable to pathetic.

Next the running back position. If David Wilson is that poor in blitz pick up please tell me what all those OTA’s were for?

As for the coaching staff especially the offensive side of the ball, don’t complain about the running game when on 2 & 3rd and 2 you are attempting to pass. Why? For the love of god explain to me how you can improve your running game by not utilizing it in the most effective way possible.

Back to Wilson, how do you expect this kid to gain any confidence if you keep removing him?

One last point and this goes back to Mr. Reese, please tell me how in seven years you’ve been unable to find a single person who can return a punt? If you want to point fingers Jerry great. Start with the man who selects the talent.

Chris, I can’t speak for the Giants decision makers. I don’t fully understand or agree with some of the things they have done, and I’ll be mentioning some in my “Hits, Misses & Musings” review, but my job, contrary to what some think,  is to try to look at things objectively  and delivery an honest assessment.

With that said, I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

RE: Wilson and the blitz pickup, the new CBA prohibits contact in the OTAs. There is NO WAY that a coach can come close to simulating the game speed in OTAs or practice, and I have been saying since that CBA was signed that all these safety rules are going to hurt the product. (For anyone out there, has there ever been a study that shows the number and severity of injuries suffered in the offseason vs. what’s suffered in live games?)

Also re: Wilson, let’s flip the question. How do you expect the coaches to gain confidence in him if he keeps screwing up the simplest things like putting two hands on the ball, which is something that CAN be simulated in practices? If you have an employee who consistently screws up, will you continue to go back to that person just to avoid hurting their feelings or dashing their confidence?

I don’t quite understand Reese’s allergy to getting a linebacker. Perhaps he’s gun shy after the failed Clint Sintim/Phil Dillard experiments. Maybe he doesn’t think linebackers are as important as other positions. Or maybe he thinks the talent they have is better than what the majority of the fans see. That’s one you would have to ask Jerry.

RE: punt returner I seem to remember Domenik Hixon being pretty good at it. But besides that, how about asking when was the last time the Giants had someone on special teams hat the other team actually had to game plan against?

Lastly, I keep saying this every time I see a question regarding the play calling. Eli Manning has complete authority to change plays at the line of scrimmage. Each play that’s sent in has multiple variations,  and Eli can pick the one he thinks will work best based on what the defense is showing. So do we know for 100 percent certain that Gilbride is the culprit calling some of these questionable head scratchers or is it Eli over thinking the situation?

Nat K. writes…
Your post mortem assigned a slew of poor performance ratings to the Giants. Would you agree that they go beyond one game and reflect some fundamental flaws that portend a losing season?
(1) There is only one dependable offensive lineman. Hence no running game can be developed even with the return of Brown.

(2) Excessive dependence on Eli means some brilliant plays but also excessive turnovers due to his historic penchant for poor decisions.
(3) The absence of a pass rush will result in the Giants continuing to give up substantial yardage. JPP may have the excuse that he is still recovering (hopefully that is the reason for his performance in the past two games). But Kiwi and Tuck have no excuse other than that they are no longer capable.

Nat, I tend to take things one day at a time and I know that as a rule, people become better. So now, I am not ready to say that a losing season is on deck, though I certainly can understand your question and concern.

I am working on a film breakdown of the Giants running game woes and I’ll tweet the link when it’s up. But I will tell you this: it’s not one specific individual creating the problems.   

I believe that, despite what he’s saying, Eli is trying to press to make things happen. And he’s taking risks that he might not ordinarily take. There’ not other explanation for what we have been seeing from him.

And sadly, I agree about the pass rush. The defensive tackles have been pretty darn good, but the ends just haven’t brought it yet.

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