Letters to the Editor: September 18, 2013

Ted M. writes…
Obviously, Giants fans are dismayed by what we have seen so far. A few random comments:

1. A further reason to dismiss the ” we’ve been here before and succeeded ” drivel is the fact that in 2007 Spagnuolo was the defensive coordinator, and introducing a new scheme which the defense was just starting to absorb. Perry Fewell has no such new scheme

2. These coaches seem unwilling to recognize the need for change. Snee is clearly done; Baas should never have been given the start; signing Jacobs is a signal to the young guys that they won’t really be given a shot. And this will become an embarrassment, in my view.

3. Young kids like Brewer and the guard from Auburn will stagnate.

4. If Tuck and Kiwi can’t pass rush, give the kids a shot. Even when the writing is on the wall, the coaches do nothing. They only make a change when forced to by injury.

This week-end will be intense. Two horrid teams playing for the season. If the Giants play the same players, and use the same, unimaginative game plans, we have reason to worry.

I also think it is egregious planning to use Randle on punt returns and Wilson on KO’s. Jason Sehorn waiting to happen.

Ted, the situation is what it is, and I don’t expect much to change at this point.  

Kevin L. writes…
I look at the last two games and a few things drive me crazy because they were winnable games. The Dallas game was ridiculous but this game was aggravating. Even without the running game I believe Eli could’ve pulled this one out if the other guys were just accomplishing their assignments.

The tripping on the twenty yard line and fumbling on the one is just crazy. But this thing that really burns me is the total misses on the offensive line on blitz pick up. It’s one thing if Pugh or Wilson miss but you can’t have plays where Baas and Snee are letting men cross their face and run right by for clean shots on the QB. I rewatched that tape and saw at least 3 instances of that. The vets don’t have to be great but at least serviceable. They need to get it together of Eli will be out for the season.

I agree.

Nat K. writes…
I understand your reluctance to throw in the towel and will even acknowledge that the Dallas game was winnable despite the personnel deficiencies. But you have conceded that this is not the 2007 team and inferentially not as strong. If the Giants are to overcome their obvious personnel weaknesses the coaches must find a way to make the most of what abilities they have.

For example Wilson’s primary asset is his speed. It makes sense to continue to use him on kick-off returns. They must also find ways to get him into the open field. The weak offensive line needs blocking support. This could come from a healthy Hynoski in combination with a good blocking back i.e. substituting Donnell for Myers.

The prospects for a pass rush might be improved by using Jenkins at DE along with JPP with Joseph, Rogers and Hankins alternating at tackle. In short the major hope for the Giants lies in smart coaching. Unfortunately, many of your readers don’t think that is possible in the caae of Gilbride.

Nat, I never said this was the 2007 team. If anything, it’s as far from being the 2007 team as one can be.

Gene P. writes…
I like Randle a lot but in addition to his poor put return decision, I think he was at fault on 3 other plays. There was the first down he did not get because he let the corner get inside of him on a crossing pattern. I think if he took a step up instead of back he would have had a lot better shot at the ball.

On Eli’s two interceptions toward the right corner of the end zone, he stopped or cut inside instead of going for the corner. My guess is he made the wrong move both times. Am I right about these 3 plays? (Keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged.)

Gene, I had focus on the running game this week so I really didn’t hone in on the receivers – remember, “IF” is a team effort and I have two other analysts contributing. I don’t remember offhand what we wrote in the issue, but I do remember Eli saying that on the interception to Randle, the receiver was in the right spot. 


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