Letters to the Editor: September 3, 2013

The Giants might be standing pat for now, but the readers still have some concerns with the current roster.

Gene P. writes…
I like Kevin Boothe a lot. It’s almost never mentioned that he kept a bull rushing Vince Wilfork away from Eli, one on one, on the great pass to Manning. On the other hand, overall David Baas has been a disappointment. If Brewer can be at least fair, do you think a line that had Booth at center and Brewer at guard would be better than Baas and Boothe? Forgetting Baas’ latest injury, what’s the odds of that happening? Thanks.

Gene, Vince Wilfork didn’t play in the preseason finale which is why you didm’t hear anything about Boothe’s match-up against him.  Regarding Brewer, the jury is still out on him — remember he was supposed to be in the mix at right tackle and he quickly was eliminated from that competition early. Baas isn’t bad when healthy; his problem has been staying healthy.

Nat K. writes…
To my surprise, despite the fact that they have some needs to fill, the Giants were not awarded any players from the waiver list. Does this mean they didn’t see any players they liked or did they make some claims but were beaten out by teams with higher priorities? Do you see them signing any free agents?

Nat, as I say repeatedly, the Giants seen their needs a lot differently than those of us in the media or the fans.  You also have to remember that any veterans with four or more years of accrued service that are on a team’s opening day roster will have their entire salary count toward 2013, so that might have been a factor for the cap-strapped Giants.  Also remember that today is the first day teams can use the Temporary IR designation, so let’s see what they do.

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