Letters to the Editor: September 4, 2013

Avrom has many questions about Ramses Barden.

Avrom F. writes…

  1. Since Ramses Barden was placed on injured reserve rather than release or waived, are the Giants liable for the payment of his full salary for the year, and if they are does it count against the cap.
  2. Since he was receiving the veteran minimum for a 4th year player was he among the 51 highest paid players who count against the cap.
  3. For vesting purposes does this year count as league service?
  4. Why didn’t the Giants release him outright?
  5. Is it likely they will ask him back to camp next year?
  6. You had concrete and specific criticisms about his play. Did he or the coaches ever discuss those criticisms with you and did you see any attempt on his part to correct those items that prompted your criticisms.

Here you go, Avrom.

1. Players placed on IR count fully against the salary cap unless they have a split in their contract. Barden was on a one-year veteran minimum qualifying offer, so he counts for $620K against the cap.

2: The top 5 rule goes away as of today, so since I updated my sheet, I don’t remember offhand if he was in the Top 51 – I think he was.

3. Yes, he will get credit for a year’s service. (He received veteran minimum for a 5th year player, BTW.)

4. A team cannot release an injured player outright. There has to be an injury settlement negotiated. I’m guessing that the two sides have yet to come to an agreement on an injury settlement, assuming one has even been discussed.

5. Barden will be a UFA, so I would be surprised if he is asked back to camp in 2014. Still, that’s a long ways off to be thinking about right now.

6. The media is not privy to what the coaches discuss with the players nor do the coaches discuss specific criticisms of players with the media, at least on the record. When we at Inside Football see improvement in a player’s performance, we note it in our weekly write ups. 

All you need to know about Barden is that before he was injured, he was so deep on the depth chart that even had he been healthy, he probably wouldn’t have made the 53-man roster.   

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