Letters to the Editor: September 5, 2013

Questions about the running back situation.

Donnel S. writes…
Adewale Ojomo was just moved to the active roster. Did he improved greatly at practice? I know last time you mention that Adrian Tracy was ahead of him and Ojomo did not flash much ability, but against a bunch of 3rd stringers.

Also are the Giants looking to bring in a veteran running back? That position seem to be in a flux and from the roster I see, I don’t think we can sustain a balance offense.

Donnel, I doubt it Ojomo’s promotion was a matter of “improving greatly” at practice, though remember now that it’s regular season, the media doesn’t get to watch the entire practices. I think Ojomo’s promotion was more of a result of the team not knowing if they’ll have Jason Pierre-Paul and Damontre Moore for Sunday’s game.

As for the running back situation, the Giants apparently want to give Scott a chance to build off his showing from the finale preseason game. Also remember though that if teams sign a veteran in Week 1 of the regular season, that veteran’s entire salary counts against the 2013 cap, regardless if the veteran is on the roster for the entire year.

The Giants are squeezed against the cap as it is, so unless they make a few moves, I don’t really see them doing much with other free agents unless those guys agree to veteran minimum deals. 

Nat K. writes…
You have said that management views team needs differently than arm chair experts be they fans or sports writers; and I accept that. However, prior to Brown’s injury the Giants gave every indication that they were counting on him to share the running back responsibilities with Wilson, particularly in short yardage situations. Hence I have to believe that they will sign another running back (hopefully Hightower) after the Dallas game as a replacement until he returns.

 Nat, see my response to Donnell regarding the running back situation.

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