Reports: Giants Part with Geoff Schwartz, Will Beatty and Jon Beason

The New York Giants have begun the first phase of their roster re-tooling for this year, beginning with trimming some of the larger contracts of players who for one reason or another, have not lived up to their contracts.

According to ESPN, offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz and linebacker Jon Beason, two of the Giants’ big free agent signings in 2014, will not be back with the team in 2016.  Fox Sports also reported that OL Will Beatty is also out.

Beason, 31, revitalized the Giants defense after coming to the Giants in 2013 via trade with Carolina. A 2007 first-round draft pick, Beason’s play in 2013—he finished with 65 tackles in 12 games for New York—earned him a new three-year, $17 million contract from the team.

Unfortunately, Beason, whom the Giants were able to get for a seventh round draft pick given his extensive injury history with the Panthers, fell upon hard times with his health. Since re-signing with the Giants, he suffered toe, foot and knee ailments, all of which required surgery.

This past year, he injured his knee in a preseason game and was never quite the same. He landed on injured reserve for the second time in as many seasons.

Beason has been reportedly  contemplating retirement if his body didn’t respond to the rehab following his knee surgery which, as of two weeks ago, he has yet to have. Now, it looks as though Beason, who in November became a first-time father, will indeed announce his retirement.

Schwartz, 29, was believed to be one of the missing pieces of the Giants offensive line, a unit that vastly underperformed in 2013

Unfortunately, he was unable to stay on the field for the Giants, suffering a broken leg in training camp that landed him on temporary IR in 2014, and then, after returning for two games, suffering a season-ending ankle injury that continued to ail him into 2015.

Schwartz suffered another season=ending injury in Week 12 of the 2015 season, concluding his brief two-year stint with the Giants having played in 778 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus

Beatty missed all of the 2015 season, first with a torn pectoral muscle suffered during the offseason that landed him in the PUP list, and then, after attempting to come back during the period allowed for PUP, due to shoulder surgery.

With the Giants having drafted Ereck Flowers to be their left tackle of the future, the 30-year-old Beatty became expendable.

Player Cap Savings Dead Money
Will Beatty $4,175,000 $5,000,000*
Geoff Schwartz $2,991,666 $1,916,667
Jon Beason $4,500,000 $1,466,668

Assuming all three moves were designated as immediate transactions and not post-June 1 moves (NFL teams are allowed two post-June 1 transactions per year), the three moves clear $11,666,666 from the Giants 2016 cap, which Over the Cap initially estimated to be $42,857,206 based on a $150 million salary cap and before any transactions were made.

That would give the Giants approximately $54,523,872 with which to work in free agency, with more moves

The dead money (prorated signing bonuses) totals up to $8,383,335 again assuming that all are immediate transactions.

According to Over the Cap, the Giants, who hold the 10th overall pick in the 2016 draft, with have approximately $5.942 million allocated to their rookie pool.

If Beatty is designated as a post-June 1 transaction, his cap savings swells to $6.675 million with his remaining prorated signing bonus of $5 million hitting the 2016 and 2017 cap ($2.5 million in each season).



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